Writing about the car-free life elsewhere

Today I want to share a couple of blog posts I wrote elsewhere about our car-free life:

How the Car We Never Bought Changed My Life

I was thrilled to share this story via Citi’s Women & Co. because I think it is the smartest financial move that we never planned to make. Our story shows not only what you can achieve if you consider a temporary stretch of going without a car, but also how much less stressful financial setbacks can be if you don’t have a car payment.

24 Train Hacks from an Amtrak Veteran

In this Wisebread post I share some tips and tricks I learned on our cross-country train trip this summer, and a few others that I found from other Amtrak love/haters. (Because really, no one simply loves Amtrak. It’s complicated.)

I am hoping to have another couple of car-free-related stories published in other venues over the next couple of weeks, and look forward to sharing them here!

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