Thanks to Blogher ’14 sponsors

Games, device cases, tissues, hand lotion, reusable shopping bags, oh my!

This post is embarrassingly tardy, since Blogher 14 happened in July. But just today, like most days, I used some of the swag I was given at Blogher, and I thought this would be as good a time as any to sit down and thank those sponsors who rained the freebies down upon me. Or at least the ones I remember.*

Angel Soft handed out free tissue packs and coupons for free toilet paper at the store. I am so appreciative for a high-value coupon like that, that I am not even gonna complain about their #sheethappens campaign. (OK I admit I think it’s hilarious.)

Hasbro gave me a Scrabble set, and even better, they gave my friend Korilu a Trouble set and she gave it to me. Our family had not played Trouble before, and it turns out to be a really great game for us: It doesn’t take too long, the youngest can easily grasp the rules, and no reading required. We’ve played it dozens of times!

Speck gave me a number of glamorous and protective tablet and phone cases that I have not used yet because I have not yet purchased a new phone and tablet, both of which I desperately need. We’ll do a giveaway here for the others once I know what I need.

Amlactin gave me a wonderful hand and forearm massage, and also several small bottles of some pretty high-quality hand lotion. My dry hands are quite finicky and I usually only use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula on them. This is one of the only other products I can stand to use, which is more of an endorsement than you might think!

Eggland’s Best gave me a coupon for a dozen organic eggs, which I have not been able to find in any store near me. Still trying! They also gave me a reuasable shopping bag.

PediaCare gave me a full-sized bottle of kids’ cough medicine, which thankfully we have not had to use so far. (Knock wood.)

Glade gave me some scented candles.

Firestone gave me a back and shoulder massage and an awesome tote bag. (They didn’t even mind when they found out my blog is about not owning a car.)

Clearon gave me some concentrated bleach tablets, which I haven’t used yet but which strikes me as a great idea.

Scholarshare, California’s 529 college savings plan, gave me some great reusable shopping bags, the good kind that get really tiny in your purse or bike saddle bag.

Find & Save, a local deal finder site, gave me a coupon file.

Johanna Stein gave me a copy of her book, How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane: And Other Lessons in Parenting from a Highly Questionable Source, which I reviewed.

Thanks to all of you! I had a lovely time at Blogher and the goodies bring back happy memories.

*Those sponsors who provided free alcohol might want to take note that I do not remember most of your names. I don’t think you should stop giving out free alcohol though. Maybe next time just hand me a phone with the drink and tell me to take an embarrassing selfie and hashtag the hell out of it right there and then? I would totally do that.

Disclosure: As you may of noticed, this is a post about stuff I got free from the abovementioned brands. Also, there’s an affiliate link in there. Cha-ching!


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