Enterprise car rental sale

Since renting a car is our go-to strategy for weekend getaways or day trips, I was cheered to learn that Enterprise is running a weekend sale Sept. 5 through May 18, where they charge $9.99 a day for Friday through Monday rentals. They’re not paying me to share this, I just thought you readers might be interested.

This is around my target price for a weekend rental, and it’s good to know that I have this as a fallback plan if I can’t find a better rate on Priceline.

A few restrictions to note:

  • This price is for economy or compact cars. Bigger cars (which we always rent since we have three kids), will cost $14.99 for intermediate size, $17.99 for standard and $19.99 for full size).
  • The price includes only 300 miles per weekend. You’ll have to pay more if you want unlimited miles. We’re likely to take a couple trips to Lake Tahoe and back this year that would exceed that mileage limit.
  • Airport locations are excluded.
  • The press release doesn’t say, but let’s assume fees, taxes and any insurance you choose will add to your cost.

On the upside, we have a non-airport location near us that would be very convenient, where I have never found great rates in the past. So this deal might help us finally use the neighborhood Enterprise — and we might take advantage of their “we’ll pick you up” offer, too.

I like this paragraph from the company press release:

Enterprise operates not only as a key provider for insurance replacement vehicles, weekend getaways and special occasions, but also as a local transportation alternative. For example, many consumers rely on mass transit during the week or simply cannot afford to purchase or maintain a vehicle on their own – so they often depend on local Enterprise rental service and take advantage of its great value.

They’re talking about me!

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