Erik made a cargo trailer


Look what the hubs made for us! A cargo trailer!

This used to be a kid trailer. We bought it for like $12 at a neighborhood garage sale. It was already kinda worn out when we got it, so after we used it a lot, Toth’s butt started hanging low when he was riding in it. Then one day he woke up after a nap in the trailer — I had been walking the bike and trailer because both had flat tires — and he had a hole in his pants.

And a hole in his butt. No, I mean, an extra hole in his butt. While he slept, his bottom had dragged on the street so much that some of his skin scraped right off. And he never woke up, nor did he complain when he woke up. I didn’t notice it until I gave him a bath that night.

He’s a tough kid.

So after that, I picked up a better bike trailer on Freecycle, and this trailer was downgraded to hauling freight. But then my bike and trailer got stolen from our driveway. Wah. Totally my fault for leaving it out, but oh did that suck. So Erik took the trashy old trailer, did some sewing (he does that), fixed up a new, non-dragging-on-the-street seat, and I was back to taking Toth to preschool by bike.

Until the last week of preschool, when the frame of the passenger compartment broke and fell apart. Then we were trailerless, which was one of the reasons I started encouraging Toth to learn to ride his 2-wheeler.

Over the past couple of weekends, Erik took the canvas and metal compartment off the trailer chassis, put on a new coat of spray paint, then attached a plywood board. Nutmeg helped him stain it, then he bolted a plastic bin* to it, and, voila! I no longer have to bike home from the grocery store steering with one hand, a bag of groceries in the other arm.

* I don’t know why he bolted the bin on, seems like he might want to use the whole board to haul bigger things. But I am not the maker, so not my call.


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