Shebooks and She Writes (and how you can download a free book)

We are just getting to know one another, so you may not know that I am not just a mom who doesn’t have a minivan. I’m also a writer. And hear at BlogHer ’14 I learned about two new potential outlets for my writing: Shebooks and She Writes.

Both are publishing platforms for female writers, and they sound the same, so of course I got them confused at first. So here is a rundown of what they are and how they differ:


Publishes eBooks that are about 10,000 words long, focusing on fiction, memoir and journalism. They are especially looking to grow their stock of journalism titles.

Pays authors 50 percent of sales.

Books cost $2.99 or $7.95 per month for access to their whole catalog.

You must download SheBooks app to read, although print-on-demand through Ingram is coming soon.

Submit to

Get a free book: Use the coupon code FREEBOOK at to download one free book. Expires July 30!


She Writes is an online community for female writers. She Writes Press is a self-publishing platform, where you can pay to publish both eBooks and print-on-demand paper books. If you have a book that’s ready to publish, you pay $3,900 for design and publishing. If you need editing help, you can pay more for that.

She Writes uploads your eBooks to Amazon, B&N and iBookstore. They can be printed through LightningSource.

Submit your work at There is a $25 submission fee, which they take as payment for evaluating your book and letting you know if it is publication-ready or not.

The author keeps 80 percent of ebook revenue and 70 percent of print book revenue.




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